So this video was done in Adobe PremierPro for my digital media class!

It is quite lame, and I apologize for wasting your time. But I thought I should display my "less than amazing" film editing skills for all the world to see.


Slowly, but surely.

Slowly, but surely I am attempting to blog about life, my life that is. I am pretty sure there is more to this blogging that I am seeing right now. But I have now discovered the ability to create these blog posts through Microsoft Word. WORD!

In most recent news I am designing and creating a "Mix Tape" CD for my friends listening pleasure.

And today, I Designed a 2"x4" Label for my mom's new baking venture…

The design was done in ADOBE Photoshop, with a scanned in sketch. Overall it was a quick design, and then printed on AVERY sticky labels. I am happy with it.


Ocklawaha River

Located about an hour southwest of Gainesville, the Ocklawaha River is a great hidden jewel for canoeing, kayaking, and nature watching.

I went canoeing for a 5 mile stretch of the River this past Sunday.

Numerous Alligators
Zillions of turtles
water moccasin (scary)
giant gar
one squirrel
Bald Eagle
Great Blue Heron
sounds of the Rhesus Monkeys

Canoe Rentals at:
Ocklawaha Outpost


Wild Flowers

this weekend while driving back to Jacksonville, the medians for about half a mile were covered in a blanket of magenta.

wild flower seeds had been sprinkled earlier this year by FDOT, Florida Department of Transportation

it was beautiful and really made the drive there much more pleasant. it amazes me how such a small thing can cheer me up.

I believe the flowers were a variety of phlox which comes in numerous colors.


you better belize it.

I just got back from Belize.

  • Belize's official language is English
  • Belize was known as British Honduras until 1981 when Belize gained its independence from Britain
  • The natives of Belize speak creole.(a broken form of English, which I would say was very broken)
  • 9 stop lights in the entire country, and only 8 of them work.
  • Belize has the 2nd largest continuous barrier reef in the world (2nd to Australia's Great Barrier Reef)

in the beginning...

this is the beginning of my blog.
i've wanted a place to display my art, pictures, and travel experiences and that is what i plan to do here.
to start i wanted to share a picture of one of my favorite places in gainesville, florida, PAYNE'S PRAIRIE